How To Plan An Epic Bachelor Party

How To Plan An Epic Bachelor Party


How To Plan An Epic Bachelor Party







It’s happening. A friend is getting married. He may be the first or simply the last in a string of what seem like domino-effect marriages, but either way, he’s getting married and you have somehow ended up in charge of the bachelor party. This is both an honor and a curse. On one hand, your friends trust you to organize an important event, and that’s flattering.

…On the other hand, you have to organize an important event. Swings and roundabouts. When it comes down to it, all you have to do is make sure the groom has an epic, unforgettable bachelor party for the ages. No pressure!

There’s no real need to delve into bachelor party stereotypes since you are probably well aware of these already (alcohol and strippers are generally predominant features), but when planning your friend’s party there are four things you really need to keep in mind:

How To Plan An Epic Bachelor Party







#1 Who will be invited

Make sure the people invited can be trusted. After all, you want what happens at the bachelor party to stay at the bachelor party. If there are obligatory invitees (such as the bride’s brother or other relative/close friend) perhaps steer clear of any truly scandalous behavior unless you are certain they will become co-conspirators.

#2 The interests and hobbies of the groom

If your friend is a Dungeons and Dragons fanatic, perhaps an all-night rave in an abandoned warehouse followed by a trip to the stripclub is not the best idea. Similarly, if your friend’s idea of a good time is fist-pumping until dawn while wearing glowstick glasses and a neon green vest that reads, ‘PARTY ANIMAL’, he may not be overly enthused by a fishing weekend in a country cabin. Keep this in mind when planning activities.

#3 Financial Constraints

Unfortunately, not every bachelor party is like The Hangover and not everybody is going to be able to afford a trip to Las Vegas. Try to come up with a realistic budget that everybody can manage. You want to make sure that anybody who is important to the groom can afford to come.

#4 Availability

You might find that of those invited to the party, not everyone is able or willing to spend three days away from home. Obviously this is completely dependent on individual commitments: Some people might not even want to leave work early on a Friday, while others might be more than happy to dedicate a long weekend to the important matter of their friend’s last hurrah before his impending nuptials. Try to find a happy medium.

How To Plan An Epic Bachelor Party







Some Easy Ideas For Varied Budgets Are: 

  • Laser tag
  • Deep sea fishing/Shark fishing
  • Renting out a lakeside house for the weekend for male bonding (with beer)
  • A round of golf
  • A camping trip
  • A music festival
  • A video game tournament with huge amounts of pizza
  • Scavenger hunt around the town
  • A themed house party
  • (Casino/Seventies night/Toga party)
  • A barbecue/hog roast
  • A weekend in the city
  • A mystery bar crawl (groom will need to be blindfolded between bars)
  • Go-karting

Once you’ve dealt with these four key elements, you can move on to the broad planning of the party. If you are looking to Google for ideas, you will find the same things coming up over and over again in your internet search: paintballing, shooting, strippers, fishing and casinos. These activities are both disproportionately popular and predictably unimaginative.

As mentioned above, the activity you choose should depend on the groom and his interests, and since there’s really no end to the possibilities available to you, there’s no excuse to throw a lazy bachelor party.

Once you’ve nailed down exactly who is coming, what you’re doing and where you’re going, you can start to zero in on the smaller things that make things really memorable. The devil, they say, is in the details, and this is a bachelor party after all so it’s only right that things get particularly devilish.

How To Plan An Epic Bachelor Party







Invitations should have something to do with the proposed activity and include your e-mail address so that people can RSVP or contact you with any concerns.

Party bags are a great idea and particularly helpful if they include a hangover kit of sorts; energy drinks, bottled water, something to eat and some paracetamol will all help to make the morning after a little less painful. If the party bag is for the night before, then novelty sunglasses, glow sticks, personalized keychains/badges, small bottles of spirits, cigars and condoms are always going to be popular.

Once you’ve got everything sorted all you have to do is sit back, enjoy the fruits of your labor and just make sure you don’t lose the groom. Good luck!



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